Welcome to Dr. Quinn Weight Loss – created, owned and operated by Dr. Christopher Quinn. Dr. Quinn has developed and perfected the Get Thin With Dr. Quinn Weight Loss program – a truly professional and comprehensive physician-supervised weight loss program! At Dr. Quinn Weight Loss, clients are initially seen by Dr. Quinn and their weight loss is monitored by Dr. Quinn. Clients are given all the support and guidelines they need to achieve their weight loss goals and maintain their desired weight for a lifetime. Dr. Quinn provides safe and healthy medical weight loss without the need for surgery. The Get Thin With Dr. Quinn program is individually tailored to work with one’s goals, current lifestyle and budget. The program may incorporate the following: weight loss through healthier living, lifestyle changes, diet modification, exercise, prescription appetite suppressants, pharmaceutical grade supplements and vitamin & amino acid LipoDenPlus injections.

The initial sign-up includes:

  • Consultation with Dr. Quinn
  • Detailed history
  • In-depth review of the program
  • 2 weeks of the Get Thin Packets
  • Blood pressure, height, weight, BMI, comprehensive body fat analysis
  • The Get Thin With Dr. Quinn patient booklet

Dr. Quinn offers a full line of pharmaceutical-grade supplements to support the Get Thin With Dr. Quinn program and enhance the results of weight management. These professional-grade products have been rigorously tested and designed to control appetite, curb sugar and carbohydrate cravings, manage mood, restore metabolic balance, increase energy, replace lost vitamin/mineral nutrients, and provide anti-oxidant protection. All supplements and medications are dispensed from Dr. Quinn Weight Loss. The supplements are also available for purchase at our online store.

In addition to the LipoDenPlus weight loss shots, Dr. Quinn has access to hundreds of health & wellness injections, which can be combined.

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