“The platelets and growth factors initiate a healing response which rejuvenates the skin over time.” – Dr. Chris Quinn

How It’s Done:

  1. TOPICAL ANESTHETIC: A topical anesthetic is applied over patient’s face.
  2. BLOOD DRAW: Patient has his/her blood drawn, just like any other blood draw.
  3. MICRO-NEEDLING: A micro-needling tool that moves up and down 8,000 times per minute is used.
  4. PRP COATING: The patient’s face is coated with PRP. The growth factors in the PRP trick the skin’s multi-potent stem cells into thinking there is an injury and that new tissue needs to be regenerated.


What to Expect:

The face should be numb throughout the process, so there should not be any pain felt throughout the procedure. Your face will be covered with blood by the end, but this washes off. There may be redness and irritation across the face, so keep this in mind when scheduling the procedure!