How does it work?

1. TOPICAL ANESTHETIC: A topical anesthetic is applied over patient’s face.

2. BLOOD DRAW: Patient has his/her blood drawn, just like any other blood draw.

3. PRP INJECTION: PRP and filler is injected into some areas of patient’s face. This will help to plump drooping areas of the face and reduce signs of aging. Filler used is Revanesse Versa — a multi-purpose dermal filler that looks more natural than typical dermal fillers. Compared to Hyaluronic Acid (HA) fillers, Revanesse Versa causes brusing 24% less often.

4. MICRONEEDLING: A micro-needling tool that moves up and down 8,000 times per minute is used.

5. PRP COATING: The patient’s face is coated with PRP. The growth factors in the PRP trick the skin’s multi-potent stem cells into thinking there is an injury and that new tissue needs to be regenerated.