Pure Inch Loss


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A Natural Inch Loss Capsule
Kelp- A type of seaweed that grows around the world. Kelp is one of the richest sources of iodine, which is essential to your thyroid gland.

Lecithin-Reduces LDL, Increases HDL, Helps you feel well-fed and energetic.

Blue-Green Algae- A source of amino acids, B vitamins, Betacarotene, Niacin, Folic acid and vitamin E. These ingredients will keep your appetite in check and boost your immune system.

Apple Cider Vinegar- Is rich in potassium, A nutrient that helps cells expel excess sodium, which enables your body to flush out trapped fluid.

Bromelain- Is a mixture of what food scientists call proteolytic enzymes, Which break down the tissues in your body. Derived from the pineapple plant, bromelain has a number of positive effects, the most important of which is that stored fat BREAKS DOWN quickly.

Direction of use
2 Capsules 3 Times a Day with food


180 Capsules per bottle


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