Hi my name is Kim I started Dr Quinn Weight Loss program July 31,2016. I was at the highest weight I had ever been, I weighed in at 251 lbs. I had been trying for the past several months to get back on a diet and I would do good for a couple of days then I would go back to eating a bag or 2 of dove chocolate every day. I was frustrated and tired of hearing everyone tell me I was going to become diabetic if I didn’t get off the candy and start loosing weight. I got on line and looked up weight loss clinics around June of 2016 called Dr Quinn Weight Loss and got some information but didn’t do anything about it. After vacation in July I called Dr Quinn again and set up an appointment, I didn’t realize how heavy I was. I have attached a picture after I started the program and I had lost 20 lbs by Sept. 2016 and i’m down 45 lbs as of Jan 2017.
I am very happy with my success and am half way to where I want to be. I appreciate all the support and help I get from the staff at Dr. Quinn Weight Loss.

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Kelly B

“Initially I was very skeptical to join a weight loss program especially one that costs a fair  amount of money.  After seeing results from a fellow acquaintance, I thought It was worth a try.

After gaining 80 pounds during my pregnancy, which I never imagined was possible, I thought the weight would fall off which did not happen.  I needed a program that provided structure, discipline, and held me accountable.  The twice a week weigh ins held me accountable and the staff is great.

I started the program June 1st and I’m 3 months into the program and I’m down 39.5lbs and my weight loss goal was 40lbs in 4 months.

If anybody is struggling with the never ending weight loss battle, I highly recommend Dr. Quinn’s medical weight loss program. “

‘Individual results may vary**’


Meet Angela- Full time employee at our Rochester Hills Clinic!

“Dr. Quinn, Management and Staff,
I want to say thank you for not only offering me a job but a new confident lifestyle, thank you for never letting me fall of track and helping me achieve my ideal weight.
After giving birth to my son it was impossible for me to lose the weight. I got depressed with my body and overate, nothing that I liked fit me, hated taking pictures.
Dr.Quinn designed a program for me and told me that before summer I should be at my goal weight, I thought it was impossible. After 4 months I went from 178lb to 138lb dress sizes from (12-6). I have so much energy, I feel great!!
Every day I work is a beautiful day for me, love to share my weight loss and healthy food choices ideas with my patients so they can look and feel amazing too.
Congratulations Angela!!”

‘individual results may vary**’